Preventing Setbacks and How You Can Play a Part

Anstey’s renovations are in full swing, and unexpected challenges always pop up. For example, late last year there was basement flooding due to a blocked municipal drain and other issues. We had lift issues and had to conduct emergency waterproofing at other times. Unforeseen complications can be costly while hampering progress.

Both lifts were running by the end of 2015, but just a few weeks ago, water flooded into the B lift’s shaft and damaged its electronics. It’s still out of order. The flooding was caused by damage to a roof over the bottom of the fire escape stairwell, and it seems that something heavy was dropped onto the roof to cause damage that allowed the water’s entry. Similar damage has previously been done when people left fire extinguisher hoses running, which then flooded over into lift shafts.

While not all problems are avoidable, if you see anyone engaging in activity that could damage the building, please report it to security immediately. Such damage costs money that inflates levies and rents rather than improving Anstey’s.