Anstey’s Play Area and Canopy Renovations

Late last year, Anstey’s began transforming a portion of the basement into a kid’s play area. The play area will soon be open! The area is unsupervised, and we highly recommend that parents or older siblings accompany young kids to supervise them. 

Another big change at Anstey’s is the renovation of the glass canopy. It is the only glass canopy to survive in the city, and although it still needs further work, we plan to display Anstey’s name in white lettering as it displayed around 80 years ago. We were able to have the branding for all the signage done free of charge. For the sign above the front door, only the vinyl was replaced, making it very affordable!

Preventing Setbacks and How You Can Play a Part

Anstey’s renovations are in full swing, and unexpected challenges always pop up. For example, late last year there was basement flooding due to a blocked municipal drain and other issues. We had lift issues and had to conduct emergency waterproofing at other times. Unforeseen complications can be costly while hampering progress.

Both lifts were running by the end of 2015, but just a few weeks ago, water flooded into the B lift’s shaft and damaged its electronics. It’s still out of order. The flooding was caused by damage to a roof over the bottom of the fire escape stairwell, and it seems that something heavy was dropped onto the roof to cause damage that allowed the water’s entry. Similar damage has previously been done when people left fire extinguisher hoses running, which then flooded over into lift shafts.

While not all problems are avoidable, if you see anyone engaging in activity that could damage the building, please report it to security immediately. Such damage costs money that inflates levies and rents rather than improving Anstey’s.

Lifts - what's happened and what's happening.

Lots of energy has been spent of getting the lifts in good working order. They were both actually functioning quite well until a resent flood on the 4th floor caused water damage to the B lift and taking it out of service. We're working on getting it repaired ASAP. We've also requested that some of the faulty buttons on both lifts are also being repaired.

It can easily happen that flooding on any of the floors damage the lifts in future. If you see any flooding on a floor, please report it to security ASAP so that they can park the lifts up at the 16th floor, out of harm's way, until the flooding has been fixed ad the floors dried.

The reason for the flooding this time was severe damage to the roof that covers the bottom of the fire escape stairs. It looks as if something heavy was dropped onto the roof, breaking an opening through which drainage water from the roof of the building entered the stairwell and flooded the 4th floor and the B lift shaft.

If you see anyone doing things that could damage the building like this, please report it to security immediately. If damage to the building can be avoided, it would save the thousands in repair costs, make more money available to get renovations completed sooner, and help avoid high levies.

  • Steven